Daniella Johnson is a passionate community leader, experienced project manager and sustainability practitioner who’s professional and personal experiences have led her to working at the intersection of social impact and business, supporting the development and growth of social purpose organizations across Canada. 

Committed to public service and driven by a strong desire to bring effective leadership and representation to communities who are often underrepresented, Daniella made the decision to transition into politics, running as a Federal Liberal candidate in the 2021 election. 

Daniella’s goal has always been, and continues to be, helping to make a positive difference in communities and in the lives of individuals who are, at times, overlooked, ignored, or last on the list. 

Now, Daniella’s mission is to continue doing the important work needed to elevate the voices, concerns and aspirations of all Canadians while also standing up for the most critical issues impacting our communities, from social justice to Indigenous reconciliation and climate action for a better today, and a better tomorrow.  

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It is NOT semantics to acknowledge the existence of systemic racism - against Indigenous Peoples, racialized communities.

Politicians who refuse to do so are a huge barrier to the transformative change needed to ensure a society where everyone's rights & freedoms are protected.